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About Us

About Us

We Provide Service
with 10 Years Experience

Guardian International Security Co. WLL established in 2015 in order to provide the latest and up to date technological solutions and services in the field of electronic security and communications sector in MEA. Guardian International Security has developed a service-oriented system that has allowed it to become a leading distributor of Honeywell™ brand CCTV, Access Control, Fire alarm, Intrusion Alarm, Public Address etc. in Kuwait market. The basic function of the company is to source, stock, market and distribute the same from top OEMs specially from Honeywell™.

In Kuwait, we are well established with a highly professional sales, marketing, warehousing and distribution operation of electronic security products. We are continuously sourcing products, which we feel have the potential to impact on the Kuwait market. We have all the necessary experience, knowledge and capital to ensure the success of our partners. Our supply & service concept is based on full customer satisfaction.

We are the sole stockist and distributors of Honeywell™ Security Products having full compliance and approval to different Ministry regulations in Kuwait. Honeywell™ Products are Cyber Security Certified


We aspire to become the leading engineering security services provider in the region.


To achieve our vision, we are committed to consistently delivering extraordinary value to our customers and stakeholders through the building of passionate, empowered and high-performance teams.


Abiding by our values and guiding principles, we will continue to pursue our ambitious goals and remain committed to delivering extraordinary value to our customers, stakeholders and society as a whole.

Our company culture is built upon seven fundamental values and guiding principles

Our Fundamental Values & Guiding Principles


To us, transparency is a way of life and work. We believe that transparency and open communication facilitate the participation and involvement of all stakeholders in better decision making. We promote open communication, constructive criticism and idea sharing between our employees, with clients and society as a whole.

Customer Centricity

Throughout the years, our commitment to providing the highest quality services and products on time and at all times has earned us the trust of thousands of clients. We will remain committed to positioning customers at the center of our focus, delivering unrivaled services and products, and exceeding our customers’ expectations.


We have always been able to achieve more together. We know that trust, respect and sharing are mandatory prerequisites for productive teamwork. Therefore, we have built a culture that promotes these values to encourage collaboration and creative thinking, and thus maximize the combined strength of our individual talents.

Diversity of Workforce

We know that proper management of diverse cultures, ideas and experiences can be a great source of learning and increased productivity. Thus, our human resources policies demand fair and respectful treatment of all employees regardless of creed, disability, gender, nationality, ethnicity or religion.


We believe that empowered employees find more creative methods to deliver value and resolve customer problems. We have built a culture of empowerment that enables our employees to make better judgments and decisions.

Human Capital

We believe that our employees are our most valuable asset. Hence, we strive to provide a safe, fair, ethical and rewarding work environment that promotes success, work-life balance, prosperity and growth, both professionally and personally. We will continue to attract, retain, develop and motivate talented and passionate employees who are seeking to prosper and create value.


We have built a culture that is free from favoritism and discrimination. Our policies demand that we recruit, hire, promote and reward employees on the sole basis of merit and qualifications.

Our Visionaries

People Behind